Chiu’s Fur Trading Co. was established in 1990. The main stream of its
business is fur fashion manufacturing.

In the early development of the company, its major trading partners were
from Japan and Korea. The company earned good reputation among its royal customers.

Now, the company continues focusing its business on supplying the latest
design fur products to customers in over 10 countries including Korea,
Japan, USA and Eastern Europe.

“BRONZA”-- The brand of Chiu’s Fur Trading Co. is also very popular in
Korea. Over 30% of fur garments are imported to Korea which are supplied by Chiu’s fur. Nowadays the products of Chiu’s fur and “BRONZA” already represent the latest design and fantastic craftsmanship.

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Address: Flat B,9/F Hang Fung Ind. Bldg., Phase 1, 2G Hok Yuen St., Hunghom, Kowloon, H.K
Tel: (852) 2751 7969 Email:
Fax: (852) 2795 9763 Website:

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Chiu's Fur Trading Co.

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Chiu's Fur Trading Co.

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Chiu's Fur Trading Co.

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Chiu's Fur Trading Co.

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Chiu's Fur Trading Co.

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Chiu's Fur Trading Co.

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Chiu's Fur Trading Co.

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Chiu's Fur Trading Co.

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