Our expertise in exporting all types and sections of North American wild fur around the globe dates back over forty years. Our products carry with them an unmatched reputation of quality in all of the world's fur consuming economies.
We invite all clients- new and old, to visit our facility which is conveniently located, just fifteen minutes from downtown Philadelphia, and an hour train ride from New York City.

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Address: 639 Mantua Grove Rd West Deptford, NJ 08066 USA
Tel: (1) (856) 848-5885 Email: info@zanderfur.com
Fax: () Website: https://www.zanderfur.com/

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Zander Fur Co.


Zander Fur Co.

Muskrat - Black

Zander Fur Co.

Coyote - Western Heavy

Zander Fur Co.

Coyote - Western Semi

Zander Fur Co.

Coyote - Central Semi

Zander Fur Co.

Coyote - Eastern Heavy

Zander Fur Co.

Coyote - Eastern Semi

Zander Fur Co.

Raccoon - Northern Semi

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